Power Marine 86 S

€ 1.290.000,00

this yacht is born from the hand of anti smuggling yard Power Marine.
Building vessels ready to run after and take over real villains’ boat, in every conditions and faster then ever.
This yacht was originally built for a (unknown) Italian tycoon, made to reach 70kts.
After being loaded with weight of marbles and precious stones (see pics) she is expected to reach 62/63 kts max speed and between 50 and 52 kts cruise speed.

Power Marine interceptor is a complete build, no engines.
70 knots maximum speed, 4 cabins each with different mood and color.
jacuzzi in vip bow cabin
surface drive propulsion system

She now needs an investor to take the waves again.
The perfect hyper power express yacht.

Length: 26,5 mt
Beam: 5,6 mt
Draft: - mt
Hull Material: Fiberglass
Fuel Capacity: 6500 lt
Water Capacity: 1000 lt
Year: 2017

Lenght over all 26.5 mt - 86 ft
Length hull 25.0 mt -
Classification length 23.7 mt- 77 ft
Maximum Beam 5.6 mt - 18.3 ft
Light weight 38000
Full weight 46000
Fuel oil tank capacity 6.500 lt
Fore fuel oil tank capacity 1.800 lt
Fresh water tank capacity 1.000 lt
Engines* 4 x 1200 hp MAN V8
Propulsion 4/2 Surface Drive POWER MARINE
Maximum speed at light weight
58 Kn
Maximum speed at full weight
52 Kn
Cruising Speed 45 Kn

Hull, deck, superstructure
Hull deck and superstructure shall be built in vynilester resin reinforced with biaxial woven roving and
unidirectional in carbon fibre, for all the layers foreseen as in our lamination schedule, all over the boat.
Cockpit, companion ways, swimming platform and external “big steps” shall be covered by teak planks
The body of the boat shall be realized by vynilester resin reinforced by “E” type glass fibre. The longitudinal stiffeners shall be ten on the bottom and six on the sides.
The transversal structure shall be realized by frames and floors with a scantling between 1 to 1.25 meters. All the structures shall be realized by vynilester resin and “E” type glass fibre. Structural and divisional bulkheads shall be sandwich type with pvc core and vynilester resin.
The deck shall be sandwich type structure in the fore part, with pvc core and vynilester resin, on the tread
area shall be used a fret structure with polyurethane foam core with a scantling of 150 mm. Coremat shall be used on the vertical surfaces. The structure shall be obtained by transversal frames
The superstructure shall be realised by vynilester resin reinforced by “E” type glass fibre and mat line. The
reinforcement shall be obtained by transversal frames.
All the bulkheads shall be structural and shall be rigidly connected with bottom and deck. The flooring plates shall be realized in hi density polyurethane with woven roving and vynilester resin; they shall be built using an hi pressure hot press and connected to the structure by flexible glue, in order to absorb any vibration. The positioning and dimensioning of the anti collision bulkhead shall be according to the relevant rules.
material shall be as follow:
Fuel oil system: black steel, copper, reinforced rubber
Bilge system: stainless steel, copper, PVC
Fire fighting system: steel, copper
Fresh, black and grey water: PVC, reinforced rubber
Main engines and generator sea water system: stainless steel, reinforced rubber
Hydraulic system: copper, PVC
Valves: bronze, chromed brass, PVC
Big care shall be put in insulating any compartment. Material shall be: polyurethane foam, cork foam, special sound absorbent material.
Engine room insulation shall be realized by special heat resistant and fire retardant material panels.
1. 90 mm QUOSH
2. 25 mm ALLMOCEL
3. In the guest accomodation shall be installed suitable sound absorbant panels
Structural tanks
Fuel oil
Total capacity shall include two structural main tanks (3250 liters) and one structural auxiliary fore
tank (1800 liters)
Main tanks are connected with the fore auxiliary tank, the captain shall decide which tank shall be
used, in order to obtain a trim control of the vessel
Fresh water
Fresh water capacity shall be 1000 liters
- N.2 manholes
- N.2 water inlet on the side
Black water
Tank capacity shall be 300 litres about; it shall be connected to a sewage treatment system Hamann
Supermini 80.
- N° 1 stainless steel manhole as per drawing
Grey waters
Grey waters shall be treated, according to the IMO rules, by the Hamann system
Hull shall be protected with two coats of primer and two coats of antifouling paint, International Off-
Shore for fast vessels
The colour of the floating line shall be chosen by the owner
Body, deck and superstructure shall be finished in full glossy gelcoat; the owner will choose the colour
and will communicate the relevant RAL code.
Any other type of painting, as Awl Grip or polyurethane, shall be considered as optional and
Both shall be protected by suitable coat (gelcoat+resin)
An adequate number of anodes shall be fit where considered necessary, according to the good marine
All the electrical equipments shall be grounded through a ring of sheltered cable, connected to the outboard
anodes placed on the transom.
Trimming flaps shall have their own anodes
- Main engines*
Two/Four diesel engines type:
- MTU 16 V 2000 M94 1SD 2 x 2.600 Hp with BPM- Power Marine propulsion with ceramispheric
- MAN 12 V – 1900 4 x 1900 Hp with BPM- Power Marine propulsion with ceramispheric coupling
- SEATEK 12 4 V 21 1500 Hp with BPM- Power Marine propulsion with ceramispheric coupling
Gear boxes model ZF shall be supplied, complete with electronic controls
ZF 3070V* gear boxes with adequate reduction ratio shall be directly flanged to the main engine
- Surface propeller transmission
Two complete transmission set with controls shall be installed, BPM-Power Marine type with ceramic spheric coupling and Rolla prpellers
- Generators
Two Kholer type generators, model 23 EFOZD, 23KW 220 V shall be installed onboard. They shall be inserted in a sound proof shield.
Main engine exhaustes
Exhaust system pipes shall be structural type, directly connected to the main engines by means of stainless
steel AISI 316 raisers Minimum exhaiust pipe shall have convenient diameter.
The structural part of the exhaust piping system shall be built with fire and hydrocarbons resistant resin and
Connection pipes between structural exhaust and engines shall be realized in AISI 316 L stainless steel.
Some additional discharges (bypass( shall be foreseen in order to prevent any overpressure on the engine.
A bow thruster, SIDE POWER type mod. Sp240TC, with twin four blades counter rotating propellers with a
thrust of 240 KG, shall be installed. A stern thruster, SIDE POWER type mod. SP 200TC , with twin four blades counter rotating propellers with a thrust of 200 KG, shall be installed. The tunnels shall be structurally
laminated to the hull with vynilester resin, according to the supplier’s instruction.
Both, stern and bow thrusters, shall be driven by electrical motor, 24 V. They shall be controlled from the wheel house by a proper joy stick mounted on the instruments board.
The fire fighting system, by the means of electric pumps shall serve two valves on the main deck:
One on the aft part
One on the fore part
A regulare hose with hydrant shall be supplied
One fire fighting pump and one anchor chain wash pump shall be installed
1 x pump Gianneschi Ramaciotti ACM 311 BT 24 V cc
2 x hydrants
All the pipes shall be in galvanized steel and/or copper, depending by the foreseen use, and shall be installed according to the supplier’s recommendation
2. Engine room fire fighting system with FM200 fire suppressing agent
Engine room, about 75 cubic meters, shall be protected by a fix fire fighting system with FM 200 fire
suppressing agent. The system shall be installed according to the relevant rules.
Bottles shall be installed inside the engine room, with remote control above the main deck
The system shall be equipped with all the necessary fittings ( discharge delayer, alarm horn and light, pressure
release gauges, etc.)
All the pipes shall be according to the system requesty and on the base of the supplier’s recommendation.
3. Portable extinguisher
Portable extinguishers shall be fitted on board, number, type and capacity according to the relevant rules.
In the engine room shall be installed portable CO 2 extinguishers, according to the register’s rules.
N° 1 portable extinguisher / 1 kg / 13 B par cabin
N° 1 extinguisher 3 kg / 13 B in the wheel house
N° 1 extinguisher 3 kg / 21 B in the engine room
N° 2 extinguishers 3 kg / 13 B in the galley
N° 1 extinguisher 3 kg / 13 B in the backward cockpit
4. Fire detection system
A fire detection system shall be installed in the engine room and in all the accommodation and in the salon.
All the sensors shall be connected to a central unit placed in the wheel house
- Fuel oil system
5.1 Engine fule filters
N. 2+2 Racor type separator filters, connected through a by-pass shall be fitted on the fuel line
before the engine connection.
(one for each engine, one included in the engine supply)
1. 1 Racor 1250 l/h flow rate
5.2 Generators fuel oil filters
N.2 Racor type separator filters, with by pass, shall be installed on the fuel line to the generators,
one for each generator
2. 1 Racor 550 MA type
5.3 Fuel level gauges
One electrical level gauge and one floating level gauge shall be fitted on the fuel tanks; the
instrument shall be fitted on the whhel house instrument board.
5.4 Main engines and generators suction
Main engines and generators will suck directly from the fuel tanks. The fuel tanks shall be equipped
with a suitable vent, with smell filter and closing valves. The return fuel line from engines and
generators shall be led directly to the fuel tank.
Engine room ventilation
Engine room ventilation shall be obtained by air intake placed on the superstructure roof and from two lateral
air intakes; four air ducts, coated by cork foam, shall be realized; they shall be connected to electrical fans of
adequate power for ventilating the engine room; two extractor fans will extract the hot air
Ventilation and extraction fans shal be fit inside the engine room; they shall be connected to fire-cut dampers,
remote controlled by the FM 200 fire fighting system
Ventilation and extraction Gianneschi:
Ø 2 x E/ventilation Gianneschi ELL400/2 R 2 +n.2 automatic fire-doors
Ø 2 x E/extractor Gianneschi EL C20/3 2 + n.2 automatic fire-doors
7. Air conditioning and ventilation
An adequate air conditioning system, about 120.000 BTU, reversible cycle, shall be installed according to the
supplier’s recommendation; it shall be dimensioned for ensuring good comfort in all the accommodations.
One indipendent thermostat shall be installed in each room, including salon and wheel house
A big care shall be used for avoiding as much as possible any noise due to the fan coils fan running.
All the fan coils shall be connected with a drainage for the condensating water to the sanisplit or directly out
board. Shall be fitted smell traps for avoiding any bad smell inside the accommodation.
The galley and all the toilets shall be connected to an air extraction system; the air extraction system shall be
silenced and continually working.
Ø Climma -Veco / Condiaria 120.000 BTU
Ø Fan coils shall be positined according to the G.A.; they shall be with double exit duct, for the
1. Owner’s cabin
2. Guest cabin
3. VIP cabin
4. Wheel house
5. Salon
6. Galley
7. Crew quarter
8. Bilge system
The bilge water suction shall be obtained using self priming electro pumps and automatic submergible pumps;
the number and the capacity of the pumps shall match the relevant rules request. A hand pump shall be
installed in the engine room for emergency use. The chain locker is self draining.
Acoustic and visual alarms, for the presence of water in the bilges, shall be installed in the wheel house.
- pump Gianneschi ACM 311 24 V
- pump Gianneschi ACM 311 230/400 V
- pump Gianneschi Jolly junior
- Minisub automatic pumps 24 V cc
Sea water system
An adequate sea water system shall be fitted for cooling the main engines, the generators and the followint
utilizer: one dynamic water inlet shall be realized on the transom; it shall be in AISI 316L stainless steel; it will supply the cooling sea water to the main engines by means of a Y shape connector positioned under the swimming
platform, inside the engine room. Two dynamic water inlet shall be realized on the transom; they shall be in
AISI 316L stainless steel; they will supply the cooling water to the generators, trough rigid pipes
Two dynamic water inlet shall be realized on the transom; they shall be in AISI 316L stainless steel; they will
supply the cooling water to the air conditioning system, to the fire fighting main pump and to the watermaker.
10. Fresh water system
The fresh water shall be stored in a FRP tank with a total capacity of about 1000 liters. The water system
utilizers, (such like bidet, basins, shower, etc.) shall be fed by means of two pressure 24 V pumps. Two water
heaters, total capacity about 160 litres, 220 V, shall supply hot water to the fresh water system by means of
one 220 V recirculating pump.
- Autoclave Gianneschi Gr. 2 Jet 4 “C.E”
- 2 boilers Gianneschi 80 OR
10.1 Fresh water level gauge
An electrical level gauge and a floating level gauge shall be installed. The instrument shall be
placed on the instrument board in wheel house.
10.2 Fresh water filling station.
Two inlet for filling the fresh water shall be fitted , with the relevant vent.
10.3 Watermaker
A watermaker, capacity 120/160 litres per hour shall be installed onboard; it shall directly be connected with
the fresh water tank. The watermaker shall be Tecnicomar type or Idromar type, according to the owner’s
11. Black and grey water system
All the discharge pipes coming from bathrooms, toilets and galley shall be connected to one holding
tank; the waste shall be treated by means of an Hamann system equipment
After the Hamann treatment the water shall be discharged overboard where allowed or, through
suitable connections, on shore in adequate waste systems.
On the holding tank vent shall be placed a smell trap with active carbon filter.
An hi level gauge shall be installed with alarm placed in the wheel house instrument board.
- e/pump Gianneschi ECO MV44
- e/pump Gianneschi CP 25
12. Electrical system
The electrical system shall be realized according to IEC and CEI regulation; all the utilizers foreseen in the
specification shall be installed following all the recommendation for a safe installation and use.
Grounding line shall be leied along all the longitudinal section of the boat before starting any other outfitting;
only approved for marine use material shall be used
The following voltages shall be used:
220V 50 hz single phase for power circuit and lighting
24 V DC with grounded negative for low power circuits, communication, service lighting, electronic equipments,
engine and generator start.
AC power surces
Shore power connection 63 Amp with isolation transformer Atlas type or similar, placed on the transom,
equipped with 20 meters connection cable.
24V-12V DC power sources
N° 6 batteries 12 V 220 A/h, 24 V (lighting, signaling, driving force)
N° 6 batteries engine starters 12 V 50 A/h 900 A, MTU a 24 V
N° 4 batteries 12 V 50 A/h 900 A, Bow/Stern Thruster a 24 V
N° 2 batteries 12 V 220 A/h, emergency MTU a 24 V
N° 2 batteries 12 V 50 A/h 900 A, A 12 V
N° 2 batteries 12 V 80 A/h ad AGM, emergency 24 V
The vessel is equipped with a last version of “domotic” system, type “Hardware g 8” , with mobile device type i-phone/ i-pod touch for verifying all the monitored data; the relevant control panel shall be placed, as well as all the other electrical control panels, in one single control cabinet in the wheel house, on portside. Not any
control switchboard shall be placed in the engine room.
A battery board of adequate capacity shall be used for the engines start. Batteries shall be “gel” type or similar.
One battery shall be foreseen for starting each one generator. A battery board shall be supplied also for
auxiliary utilizers, A suitable battery-charger shall be installed for charging the over mentioned batteries. An
inverter 24V DC/224V AC of adequate capacity shall be installed for emergency use.
Battery charger 24 V 60 A
Battery charger 24 V 30 A
Battery charger 12 V 30 A
A portable intercom system with two stations shall be supplied.
Shore connections shall be foreseen as per follow:
Electrical power connection for all the onboard utilisers
Telephone line shore connection
Navigation lights shall be installed according to the Flag Authority request.
Anchor light, green light, red light and stern light shall be REBA DI GARBARINO type
A remote controlled search light shall be installed on the superstructure roof. The control shall be placed on
the wheel house instrument board.
Halogen spots and lights shall be fitted as per owner’s choice for lighting the accommodations
spaces; all the interior lights shall be dimmered. On the external spaces shall be fit spotlights as per drawings.
The following equipments, of primary brand, such as Furuno, Garmin, Raymarine, shall be supplied and
- Compass
- Radar 48 miles
- Echosounder
- Plotter
- Log
- TV Sat Intellian I4 450mm
- Analogic TV
- Wireless gateway umts 3g
- Panasonic tea 308 ne telephone
A fridge/freezer, of adequate capacity, shall be supplied and installed in the galley, as foreseen in th G.A.
In the salon shall be fitted one icemaker and one frigo-bar of adequate capacity.
- Icemaker Vitrifrigo mod IMC Classic
- Frigobar Vitrifrigo mod C50
All the interior spaces shall be served by a TV/HiFi Bose Dolby system.
The following equipment shall be supplied and installed
- Salon TV LCD 42”
- Salon Bose Dolby 5.1 ls 48 IV dvd
- Owner’s cabin TV LCD 32”
- Owner’s cabin Bose Dolby 321 III dvd
- VIP’s TV LCD 32”
- VIP’s Bose Dolby 321 III dvd
- Guest’s TV LCD 26”
- Guest’s Bose Dolby 321 III dvd
- Galley TV LCD 19”
- Galley DVD player DVX
- Crew’s TV LCD 19”
- Crew’s DVD player DVX
1. Anchor windlass, anchors, mooring capstan.
On the fore deck shall be realized a manouvring island in AISI 316L stainless steel, equipped with bollards and roll fairleads; an anchor windlass, 2000 W 24V DC, shall be supplied and installed; it shall be completed with mooring capstan and chain wheel for 12 mm link chain. The anchor windlass shall be suitable for lifting a 90 kg BRUCE (or similar) anchor within the times requested by the Flag Authority.
A spare anchor, of adequate weight and matching the rules, shall be supplied Two manouvring islands shall be fitted on the aft main deck, comprehensive of fairleads and two mooring
capstains 1000W 24V DC.
Anchor shall be equipped with a sea water washing system.
- Winch Lofran’s mod. Project X4 2000 W 24V
- 2 x Lofran’s mod. Capstan 1500 da 1000 W
2. Doors, windows, portholes, hatches
The glass of the windows shall be chemically tempered, lightly mirrored, twin layers 6+6 mm, with PVB film
inside for crash resistance. The glass shall be compliant with the relevant rules of the Classification Society.
Portholes shall be fixed, convex shape, with chemically tempered glass, lightly mirrored, twin layers 6+6 mm, with PVB film inside for crash resistance. The glass shall be compliant with the relevant rules of the
Classification Society.
The wind shield shall be equipped with three window wipers Speich model (one for every single window)
controlled from the wheel house instrument board
A sliding door shall be fit on the salon entrance; it shall be built in polished stainless steel and glass.
The rigid roof over the central helms man chair shall have a manually sliding panel on suitable track rails
The fore emergency escape hatch shall be in AISI 316 l stainless steel and tempered glass, Nemo model,
diameter 650 mm.
3. Gangway and swimming ladder
A telescopic gangway shall be fitted on the transom, floored with teak grid, electro-hydraulic movement, remote controlled. It shall be Opac Mare, 4,5 meters long.
The gangway hydraulic system shall be indipendent; the electro-hydraulic power unit will be used, if
necessary, for feeding all the hydraulic equipments by Opac Mare.
The swimming ladder, Opac Mare model, shall be in AISI 316L stainless steel, will be hidden inside the
swimming platform.
4. Bollards and fairleads
Bollards and fairleads shall be in AISI 316 L stainless steel, and shall be placed as per following description:
n. 2 fairleads
n.2 foldaway bollards
n. 2 fairleads
n.2 fixed bollards
Companion ways
n.4 foldaway bollards
5. Handrail
A complete AISI 316 L stainless steel handrail with oval section shall be fitted all around the fore deck, on
different levels, along the lateral companion ways and all around the stern deck, as foreseen in the
Classification Society rules.
6. Flaps
A trim tab system shall be installed on the transom edge, following the drawing.
Hydraulic power unit AISI 316 L stainless steel actuators, custom made for matching the system dimension (Top System brand)
1x trim fin like shown ib the drawing
Foils with steel core and Kevlar base
7. Swimming platform – side garage door-aft stairs door
The boat is equipped with a swimming platform completely covered by teak
The lateral garage door is automatically operated, it is realized with compass movement (Top System model) that allows, by means of an electrical remote controlled winch, to launch and lift up a Avon 415 type tender.
The aft stairs door is automatically operated; it is realized with compass movement (Top System model) and
leads on the swimming platform and to the swimming ladder.
As General plans and shall provide three cabins:
- N. 1 Owner’s stateroom
- N. 1 Owner’s bathroom
- N. 1 Vip stateroom
- N. 1 Vip bathroom
- N. 1 Guest stateroom
- N. 1 Guest bathroom
- N. 1 Crew cabin -two berths
- N. 1 Crew cabin -one berth
- N. 1 Crew bathroom
- N. 1 Galley
- N. 1 Chain locker
- N. 1 Stern locker
- N. 1 Garage
- N. 1 Engine room
- N. 1 Wheel house
Any cabins shall provide bedheads and celings lights ( bright - chromed / high glossed / enameled brass ).
Perimetral lights will be installed under beds and settees. Any bathrooms shall provide celings lights ( chromed / high glossed / enameled brass )
All inside doors shall be in wood or as owner’s taste, same finishing for all the adjacent areas. All doors shall provide a magnet to keep them opened and anti-vibration handles and hinges. Handles and hinges finishing can vary between satin, high-gloss, bright brass finished.
Salon and wheel house shall be compliant with what shown in the contractual general arrangement. The
following installation shall be mounted Dining and living room with chairs and sofa with dining table suitable for ten people, according to the general arrangement
Cabinets according to the G.A.
Carper or wood floor
Dimmered lights
Stairs to the lower deck with step lights
Instrument board with all the necessary instumentation
N. 3 pilot chairs
Electrically operated openable roof, according to the G.A.
Fridge and icemaker
TV LCD – Dolby .
Lockers for glasses and bottles
Rudder wheel
220 V AC and 24 V DC sockets
Dumb waiter from the galley to the dining
The aft cockpit shall be compliant with what shown in the contractual general arrangement. The following
installation shall be mounted
- Sofa with cuscions
- Fore and aft sun pads with mattresses
- Lockers
- Mast with antennas and air intake, according to the drawings
- Shawer with mixer and fast connection.
- Shore connections
- Watertight loud speakers
- Swimming platform with teak planking
- Cockpit deck floor with teak planking
- Steps to the swimming platform with teak planking
- Gangway
- Opac mare swimming ladder
- Life raft and life ring installation.


  • Tipo: MEGA YACHT
    Cantiere: POWER MARINE
    Modello: Power Marine 86 S
    Anno: 2017
    Nome: ARGO
    Lunghezza: 26,5 MT
    Baglio: 5,6 MT
    Pescaggio: - MT
    Dislocamento: 46 TN
    Materiale di costruzione: VETRORESINA
    Motore: 4 X MAN V8
    Potenza Motore: 1200 HP
    Ore Motore: 0
    Tipo Motore: DIESEL
    Serbatoio Carburante: 6500 LT
    Serbatoio Acqua: 1000 LT
    Cabine: 4
    Cabine Equipaggio: -
    Classe Navigazione: CLASSE A
    Bandiera: -
    Visibile: TYRRENIAN SEA

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