Grande 32 Metri


TIPO: Imbarcazione a Motore



Shaped by an ambitious vision to forge new traditions, the Azimut Grande 32M is an innovative marvel of
naval architecture. Compelling and charismatic lines boldly converse with the sea, while Azimut’s growing
low emission philosophy further embraces the use of carbon throughout. Lavish interiors and tranquil colors encompass a fluid ideology, dedicating a special chapter to holistic wellbeing on board.

The masterful play of lines and curves gives rise to a natural tension, which runs from the bow to the extreme stern, dressing the abundant interior volumes with a gritty
and dynamic exterior design. The large full- height windows rise from the hull to the superstructure, further lightening the yacht’s appearance while expanding the sense
of space inside.

The Azimut Grande 32 Metri is a bold and deliberate break away from the past with its graceful lines concealing avant- garde features previously unheard of in the category. Generous interior volumes are deceptively disguised by Stefano Righini’s powerful exterior lines which sweep imperiously towards the stern. A touch
of edgy, sporty character is added by the large full-height windows which rise up from the hull and extend into the superstructure. With its side garage accommodating a tender and jet ski, two large beach clubs in the stern and foredeck, the Azimut Grande 32 Metri is aserious wide-body megayacht.
The culmination of a lifelong quest for sophisticated innovation and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries, the Grande 32M represents the ultimate expression of avant- garde, both in design and technology.

Nestled between sky and sea, the flybridge has a usable surface area of almost 70 square meters (750 square feet) and consists of three areas: a bow space designed for dining, a central section destined as a living room, and a stern area which can either accommodate
a hydromassage tub and sun lounging area or can be utilized as a second lounge zone.

The transom opens right onto the sea, revealing a sheltered beach club of nearly 18 square meters. It’s an all-day social oasis, and the closest one to the waves. This has been made possible by the side garage, which frees this charming space just above the sea’s scintillating surface.
A light architectural touch frames the wonder of the sea. Each element flows seamlessly into the next, with a complete absence of sharp angles and edges. The colours unfold softly and naturally to create a serene, refined atmosphere.

Spatial composition is the guiding principle of the interiors of the Grande 32M with architect Achille Salvagni eschewing pure décor and creating a series of contrasts to delineate the various spaces. Polished dark surfaces and ceiling details play off against lighter coloured woods whilst full and empty spaces are juxtaposed against each other and handpicked pastel elements provide a subtle counterpoint to luxurious butter-colored leather surfaces. Painstaking research lies behind even the smallest detail, with all coming together to create a soothing atmosphere of complete and total relaxation.
Ambiences are gracefully redefined through the adoption of a fluid and streamlined style, leaving behind traditional ideas and the preconceived constraints of typical spatial divisions.
Purity and cleanliness characterize every line, while the subtlety of a peaceful palette intensifies the feeling of relaxation.
The interiors transcend simple decoration, focusing on the composition of the space: free-flowing surfaces detach from the walls, becoming design elements in their own right; soft lines and organic geometries liquify the environments, welcoming and relaxing the ambience; the total project is charmed by a distinctive style and an independent mind.
Each element flows gently in a unique, fluid and cozy environment. The walls embrace one another, like a succession of negatives and positives that define and expand space.
The full-height windows in the owner’s suite offer extraordinary views of the sea and an expanded perception of space.
Every precious detail shines under the flood of natural light that follows.
An encompassing sense of harmony rules the master suite. In a specially curated concoction,
the atmosphere gently combines a warmly accommodating area embellished by a polished feel and suspended furnishings with an evolved concept of wellness. As a natural extension of the cabin, the bathroom evolves the idea of comfort and relaxation, evoking a sensation of pervading pleasure.

The beauty of the Grande 32M is not
solely a matter of exterior and interior design elements that combine to perfectly play out Azimut’s essence. Her beauty lies also in discovering the technological advancements and special components that contribute to making her truly unique and highly innovative.
The new Waveless STABTM 40 electric stabilizing fins by CMC Marine combine performance and silence in a compact system, which guarantees low power draw and instantaneous stop and start.

Sail into tomorrow with the Grande 32M.


Scheda Tecnica

Modello: Grande 32 Metri

Anno: 2025

Lunghezza: 32

Baglio: 7.3

Pescaggio: 1.9

Dislocamento: 136000

Motore: 2 x 2.200 Hp - MTU

Ore Motore: h

Tipo Motore: Entro Bordo Turbo Diesel

Serbatoio Carburante: 16000

Cabine: 0

Bagni: 0

Bandiera: Italia


Contatti Agenzia

Lorenzo Tosi
Agenzia: Timone Yachts Rimini
Cellulare Agente: +39 335 218438
Telefono Agente: +39 0721 703646
Indirizzo Agenzia: Via Nicola Abbagnano 10, 60019 - Senigallia (AN)
Nazione Agenzia: Italia
Email Agente:

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